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Observ520 skin analysis 

The introduction of the Observ 520 at Adore Brows & Skin is cutting edge. With the advanced camera technology, we can now see deep into the layers of the skin, enabling greater understanding and evidence of underlying skin concerns. This powerful diagnostic knowledge allows our clients, with the help of their skin therapist to take both preventative and restorative action utilising the right products and skin treatments to truly impact and benefit the skin.

What is Observ520 and how does it work? 

The Observ 520 is an advanced camera that takes a series of photographic images with varying lights to provide insight into skin concerns and see the extent of damage beyond what is noticeable to the naked eye. By placing your head within the canopy and holding still the Observ 520 will take sequence of six photographs. These images are displayed and stored on an iPad device making it an excellent tool to view and identify skin concerns including;

  • Oils
  • Pores
  • Pigmentation
  • Hydration
  • Vascularity

The six photographs capture insights into the following.


  1. Daylight Mode: Illuminates the skin in even light providing a base image for further evaluation and comparison.
  2. Cross Polarised Mode: Identifies redness and discolorations in the skin, such as rosacea, acne, vascular capillaries, sensitised areas, pigmentation.
  3. Parallel- Polarised Mode: Enhances the skin’s surface textures, highlighting pores and wrinkles, surface roughness and bumpiness, dehydration and hyperkeratosis (thickening of the skin).
  4. True UV Mode: Identifies hidden skin conditions beneath the skin surface. Provides insight by showing your pores, sebum (oil & wax) and gland activity, thinning of the skin, scar tissue growth and hyperpigmentation
  5. Wood’s mode: The blue light of this mode shows up skin lipids/oils and oil congestion in the skin.
  6. Complexion mode: Using the ‘Cross polarised’ image and amplifying impurities – this mode models how the skin will look without intervention by forecasting the skin’s condition in 10 years’ time.

How will an Observ520 skin analysis benefit me?

The information gained from your photographs will enable your skin therapist to create customised and informed treatment plan for you. With the advanced range of skin treatments and medical grade skincare on offer at Adore Brows & Skin your prescribed treatment plan will be tailored for you so you can enjoy the skin you have always desired.

You can track of your progress with your technician by comparing before and after images post treatments as we can email you your images so you can take home your photos for post consult review. Prevent future imperfections by using the right products and skin treatments today.

The Observe 520 skin analysis is 100% safe and painless and very informative!